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Author, Speaker Expert in Disruption

Known as the “thought leader in disruption,” Todd Mitchem teaches leaders and organizations how to lead through any challenge by redefining risk, obliterating crisis, and challenging the norm to overcome roadblocks on the way to success. He achieves this through a detailed look into personal ownership. The results are breakthrough. He calls this YOU, DISRUPTED.

The author of: YOU, DISRUPTED, launching in April of 2017.

Todd Mitchem is an entrepreneur and a leader. He is widely recognized for his ability to structure, restructure, and build companies, as well as his talent for leading teams to success. For more than 17 years, Todd has coached executives on dynamic leadership, structural excellence, and strategic business applications at some of the top brands in the world, including Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, Anheuser-Busch, H&R Block, Purina and Yum Brands.

He has delivered more than 2,000 presentations globally, and has been featured on every major news outlet in the world. While being covered on CNN, CNBC, NBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, Todd has leveraged his unique ability to deliver a message in a way that is inspiring and life changing.

As a trained entertainer and speaker, Todd inspires change and development of new concepts. This allows him to combine key messages as well as capture the audience’s attention to anchor the learning in his powerful and electrifying keynotes and workshops. No matter how large or small the group, Todd is often praised for his unique ability to break through to the heart of each individual’s challenge.

In 2013 Todd was asked to assist companies in the emerging cannabis industry as they built new and hyper-fast moving start-up companies. He used his knowledge as well as his innovative ideas to disrupt corporate structure, workplace culture, and message delivery. While working with the cannabis industry, Todd, successfully put companies on the map, such as O.penVAPE which he turned into the larges brand in the space with over 1,600% growth in one year. He also built the world’s first job fair engine, CannaSearch which matched available jobs in the industry to over 3,400 job seekers. Todd also co-founded and was the CEO of the industry’s fastest growing social network app, High There!. In addition to his success inside the industry, Todd has worked and advised top lawmakers and government officials in every state to ensure the industry operates with the highest of standards.


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Speech Topics


Timing: 60-90 minutes (customization is available upon request)

Unlocking Your Team's Potential by Shaking, Breaking, and Challenging Everything...for the better

Is your company struggling with how to connect with employees of all ages? Are your people disengaged? Are your leaders struggling in general and need a rocket-booster that will push them to take ownership of themselves, their decisions, and outcomes? Do you need lessons that take employees beyond accountability or the typical "feel good" programs in the market today? That's why Todd Mitchem has unveiled a new concept taken from his book, YOU DISRUPTED, so you, your team, and your company can find different ways to thrive. Todd takes the audience into a journey of personal ownership and a total removal of excuses used to explain away mediocrity.

Disrupting What’s Important

Timing: 60-90 minutes (customization is available upon request)

How to Change Your Outlook on Life and Work with USE IT!

Imagine if there were five-steps that would increase your team's efficiency, productivity, performance and communication, while simultaneously transforming everyone's business and personal lives. Todd Mitchem has presented this proven and tested a five-part strategy that changes the foundational thinking of every person and team. The USE IT! principle is simple and easy to learn, but the results will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Bottom line, USE IT! changes the way each participant interacts and communicates with colleagues, customers, team members, and virtually anyone they meet. This program eradicates conflict while driving real changes in an organization.

Disrupting Risk

Timing: 60-90 minutes (customization is available upon request)

Transformational risk taking strategy to increase production, profitability, and leadership expansion

Our culture is becoming more risk averse and this is limiting our potential, shutting out opportunities, and creating anxiety about decision making. We have all been lied to about risks and all the reasons why we shouldn’t take them. In addition, the onslaught of social media fills our lives with an unhealthy need for approval, sensitivity to failure, and isolates us in ways never experienced in human history.

Todd presents groundbreaking concepts about RISK and why taking them should be the NEW NORMAL. He wants us to ask ourselves: what can we truly lose and what are we afraid of? Through his own life's experience of applying risk, developing “Intentional Whys,” embracing crisis, and discovering the "Death Principle," Todd has unlocked a new approach to risk and its hidden opportunity. The Disrupting Risk strategy will have every participant sitting on the edge of their seat and immediately wanting to start taking risks to propel them forward in career, leadership, or personal life.

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