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Tom Edwards        

Future-Proofer, Global Marketer, Tech Titan Award Winner; Trends Expert in Marketing, Data, AI, Digital, VR, & Emerging Technology

Tom Edwards, futurist, is one of top minds in marketing and emerging technologies. He has a deep understanding of how to align consumer behavior with emerging experiences. As a futurist, he focuses on Future-Proofing the biggest companies and brands in the country.

Edwards is currently a Chief Marketing Officer and recently served as the Chief Digital and Innovation Officer of the #1 ranked Advertising Agency in the U.S. according to Advertising Age magazine. Edwards speaks regularly on the topics of GenZ, gaming, artificial intelligence and the evolution of consumer experience through his platform Innovation To Reality. He can expertly speak on a wide variety of compelling topics such as: the blurring of physical and digital, the camera as the next marketing platform, impact of Gen Z, and the Pixar Theory and how it predicts AI adoption through spatial computing. He tailors his talks by industry and delivers a highly visual and thought-provoking journey. His 2019 TEDx talk has more than 420,000 views.

Edwards was recognized and awarded both the 2020 and 2019 Professional of the Year by Strathmore Worldwide for both the Marketing and Emerging Technology categories. He is a 2020 OnCon Top 50 Global Marketer, He was recognized in 2019 as an award winner for OnCon’s Marketing Trailblazer and Marketing Contributor for industry thought leadership award winner. Edwards also received recognition from Tech Titans as the 2019 Technology Advocate Award Winner. Edwards was also recently recognized by Advertising Age as a Marketing Technology Trailblazer.

Speech Topics

Innovation to Reality & The Evolution of Experience.

Take a journey through pop culture topics like Star Wars, Fortnite, Pixar Movies and the Matrix and how each topic represents a shift in culture and technology.

Explore how technologies that empower consumers, intelligent systems that enhance, and contextual and ambient environments that will redefine our reality. This talk covers multiple topical areas from content, data, mobile, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, the evolution of social media and the future of voice, vision, and touch and the time when we will not only be advertising to people but also to AI & robotic systems.

We will walk through a framework of Empower, Exponential and Enhance and discuss how we will evolve from us as consumers inputting into technology, to our environment adapting to us.

Empower is looking at how accessibility to mobile technology has led to consumers being empowered to create, amplify and influence across generations and how generation Z’s expectations will forever change our expectations with technology.

Exponential is all about acceleration through intelligent systems. This looks at the rise artificial intelligence and virtual assistants and the ability to predict consumer needs and ultimately become a proxy for the individual that will forever alter how we purchase and market to consumers.

Enhanced is all about the bridging of physical and digital and how immersive computing, AR, VR, computer vision will make the users camera intelligent and forever changing the retail experience.

The talk ends with an explanation of how we will evolve from a mobile-centric world to the new normal of voice, vision and touch experiences powered by AI including a date when it will all converge.

Key takeaways:

  • Explore how culture is technology and technology is culture
  • Understand technologies impact on consumer behavior and consumers expectations
  • Outline the role that intelligent systems such as AI & virtual assistants will play on their lives
  • Review how immersive computing such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality will enhance reality
  • How and when we will shift from a mobile-first culture to supporting multi-modal at scale (Voice, Vision & Touch)
  • Define the new 4 P’s of marketing
  • The actual date when we will reach ambient computing at scale

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