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Thomas Hackelman is guides individuals and businesses to extraordinary success. His speaking focus is on personal and professional development, sales growth, and market domination.

Thomas Hackelman is a Sales Champion. He works with individuals and companies to grow their revenue, their profits and helps them design a sustainable sales culture that will continue to grow. As the Director of Sales for Standley Systems, an Oklahoma-based and family run business technology company, Thomas has consistently grown the Southern Oklahoma Sales Region into a consistent top tier producer. He has led the majority of his team to achieve the company’s annual President’s Club Award as well as himself. Over the past two years alone, revenues have grown 137% and profit has grown 48%. As a father to five children and two step-children, Thomas has proven to be a leader at home as well. All but one of his children are located across the country serving as teachers, musicians, as well as community leaders. The youngest, his step-daughter, lives at home with Thomas and her mother. Thomas and his wife Joyce married in 2012 and reside in Norman, Oklahoma where they are huge fans of the University of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Thunder.dents and professionals to reach for new heights in their career and educational goals through personal branding.  Tom will change how you look at the world and your future!

Speech Topics

From Obscurity to Market Domination

It is the business who chooses to step out from the dark corners of obscurity and take action that becomes a dominate player in their market space. It is the sales professional who decides to stop letting other competitors take deals from him and begins to take massive action that becomes the dominant force in his local market or even his industry. You can choose to dominate or be obscure. There is no middle ground.

Based on his latest book by the same name, Tom provides a compelling vision of what it looks like to dominate the market and why it's important to do so.

Most importantly, Tom shares specific strategies that businesses and individuals can take to grow their market share, become the Thought Leader in their industry, and dominate their market.

Roar Like You Mean It!

The sales profession should be the most noble, the proudest of professions. A true sales champion, through his actions, changes lives, companies and entire industries. For anything to truly happen in our economy, a sale must first take place. Whether we are selling ideas, products or services, our economy thrives or dies as a result of the sales process. At some point in history, the sales profession took in incredible hit. As much as it pains me to say it, we did it to ourselves. As with any profession, there are those who inflict pain and loss as a result of their efforts. It comes in many forms. There are those who fail to accept the appropriate training and those who will embellish the facts in order to secure the order. We have seen those who fail to follow through on promises and those who simply fail to follow up. And there are those unfortunate few who have blatantly lied to get ahead only to leave our profession bearing the burden of a poor, sordid reputation.

It doesn't have to be this way.

In this presentation, Tom shares ways sales professionals and businesses can unleash their inner lion and roar in the market place. This is a highly motivational presentation intended to motivate individuals to step up and make their mark in business and in life.

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