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Tom Oliver  

Award-Winning Global Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Visionary Singer, Songwriter & Music Producer

Coach to many of the world’s top CEOs, philanthropists, and entertainers, Tom Oliver has shared his secrets on leadership, innovation and creativity with Bono, the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and Richard Branson. Tom has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, the world´s most notable business leaders and the best global brands from Johnson & Johnson to Pepsi and Google.

High in demand as a global keynote speaker and consultant, Google HQ in Silicon Valley invites him to coach leadership, the World Bank seeks his business advice, the European Parliament, the United Nations, Austria and China invite him to speak to world leaders. “Fabulously placed to inspire those around him to learning whole new levels of solutions” (Google HQ), Tom´s expertise is sought after by the premier financial institutions such as the World Bank, the best business schools in the world from the Manchester Business School to the Kellogg School of Management, political powerhouses like the European Parliament and the UN, heads of state from Austria to India and China and the world ́s cutting edge multinational corporations from Puma to Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Google.

Termed “one of the world´s best experts on leadership” (Wharton School of Business), Tom is also a Visiting Professor of Innovation, of Change Management and Digitalization and of Human Resource Management. He is a world-renowned authority on disruptive innovation and holistic thought leader at some of the best business schools in the world. Tom founded the Global Leadership Circle at Manchester Business School while contributing to its being ranked as one of the top international business programs (Full-time MBA ranked #4 in the world for ROI by Forbes).

Tom has been called award-winning “role model for the modern global social entrepreneur” (Peggy Dulany Rockefeller). Tom founded the World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival (WPF), which have been supported by business leaders like Richard Branson, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu has called the WPF “the most influential peace gathering in history”. Tom started the World Peace Foundation based purely on a vision and starting a network from scratch. Practical global leadership in action, Tom then grew it into a global movement, thereby uniting – for the first time in history – the most diverse group of world and business leaders around a shared cause. The Dalai Lama has called the World Peace Foundation “a global community of millions of people who take an active stance for peace”. The WPF was named “Best practices and innovations in individual philanthropy and social investment around the world” by the Synergos Institute, New York, which was founded by the Rockefeller family and also presents the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award (past recipients include Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan, Richard Branson).

Tom has been awarded lifelong seats in some of the most influential think tanks of our time, together with a wide range of bestselling authors, Nobel Laureates and Heads of State, including The World Business Academy in the US. Praised as “a coach to many of the world´s most notable philanthropists, entertainers and CEOs” (McGraw Hill Professional) and achieving “highest ratings for his keynotes and workshops” (Pepsico), Tom has perfected a unique and accelerated method of maximizing personal, leadership, and business potential.

Called “an extraordinary leader” by Deepak Chopra, Tom is the author of the global McGraw Hill publication “Nothing Is Impossible” that has been endorsed by business leaders from SAP to Ebay and Google, and self-made billionaires from Africa to the US. Tom is also the co-author of the “Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Governance and Politics”. This comprehensive reference volume for the next decade provides practical solutions to the sustainability challenges in the next 5-10 years and has been called an “impressive array of contributions written by leading scholars” (London School of Economics).

Also a “legendary singer & songwriter, music producer and live performer who has headlined many of the biggest music festivals in the world” (Riviera Buzz, France), Tom has been called “one of the most creative people on the planet” by the masterminds behind Barack Obama´s multi-award winning viral “Yes, we can” campaign. The world´s best creative agencies from Saatchi & Saatchi to Interbrand have named Tom “a gateway to millions of next generation trend setter and early adopters” and “an expert on understanding the Millennial Generation and the hearts and minds of consumers below 30” (Interbrand – “Best Global Brands”).

Tom is also a passionate surfer and kitesurfer. Tom speaks 5 languages fluently and divides his time between the South of France, Germany and New York.

Speech Topics

Turn your business into a powerhouse of innovation by mastering the secrets behind creativity

Tom decodes the secrets behind creativity and shows how the different parts of your business need to work together in harmony, “jam” and hear the music to consistently produce innovation at the highest level. On request, Tom even ties in live music performances into his keynotes to illustrate the true nature of creativity and how this process can be applied to produce superior innovation in a corporate setting.

Win the Millennial Generation and the Consumers below 30 for your products and services

The highest driver of change over the next decade will be a significant shift in the expectations of the increasingly digital consumers of the Millennial Generation.

The Millennial Generation and the consumers below 30 demand an increasingly seamless experience from the companies they do business with. As “a gateway to millions of next generation trendsetters and early adopters” and “expert on understanding the consumers below 30” (Interbrand – Best Global Brands), Tom shows how to engage these consumers effectively.

Attract the Best, Keep the Best – Boost your Bottom line and profitability by consistently attracting the top talent and the Best People

The future of any company lies in its ability to attract and keep the top people as employees. But now more than ever, the best people are not attracted by the best pay alone: They want to work with the best corporate citizens.

Tom shows how to create a corporate climate that attracts the top talent and the best people through good corporate citizenship: To be a good corporate citizen means to build a better company. Thereby you ensure its long term success. Otherwise your employees will route you out, and then ultimately your customers as well. Tom decodes the corporate DNA, remodeling it into a magnet to attract the high achievers of today and tomorrow.

Achieve new heights of productivity by enabling higher levels of collaboration within your organization

Tom decodes the secrets behind internal collaboration and shows how the different parts of your business need to work together in harmony. Breaking down silos in organizations and reducing internal friction and conflict enables higher degrees of collaboration among employees, thereby achieving completely new heights of productivity.

Become one of the best global brands by understanding the hearts and minds of your consumers

To become and remain one of the best global brands you have to understand the hearts and the minds of your consumers. You have to understand people and their emotions. You have to thoroughly understand your customer base and how to connect with them. Only then you will be able to engage your consumers effectively. Understanding your consumers is now more difficult but also more relevant than ever before. The individual consumer has a bigger presence as the global competition intensifies and the digital world increases the speed of interaction between businesses and their customers.

Optimize Communication Among Teams: Improve and maximize your understanding and sensitivity for cross-cultural differences and radically improve your cross-cultural management

Tom shows companies how to dramatically improve their communication between teams and different corporate cultures. This enables them to work in harmony with less friction and allows organisations to radically improve their productivity and the collaboration among their teams.

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