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Tracy DeGraaf    

Comedian, Breast Cancer Survivor, Podcaster, Author of "Laugh Anyway Mom"

Second City trained Chicago stand-up Comedian Tracy DeGraaf is a survivor. She and husband Ron (aka Muffin) survived raising five sons (the mini-muffins). She wrote a hilarious book “Laugh Anyway Mom"" about their adventures as a family. It has become her one-woman comedy show “Life Happens Laugh Anyway.”

Then, a curveball - breast cancer. But, they survived that too. Now, in addition to sharing her one-woman show with faith-based organizations, DeGraaf also shares her comedic talent with audiences around the globe with the message “Comedy That Saves” as she tells hilarious true stories and reminds people to stay current on their cancer screenings.

Rebellious Magazine said DeGraaf has the “presence of a motivational speaker and the uplifting message of a preacher. Her everyday experiences resonate with fans who can be seen nodding along with punchline after punchline.

Speech Topics

Life Happens Laugh Anyway

Tracy DeGraaf has been performing her 100% squeaky clean comedy one-woman show “Life Happens Laugh Anyway” in faith-based venues, churches, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and corporations for well over a decade. She takes audiences through the seasons of her life from getting married and having children to gaining weight and growing a beard. And then, hits them with inspiration.

Attendee results:

  • Ladies Night Out events give women an opportunity to LOL with moms, sisters, friends, and coworkers.

  • Date Night events create the perfect opportunity for couples to enjoy a night of laughter and see themselves in Tracy’s relatable stories.

  • Fundraiser events give attendees a chance to LOL with Tracy while supporting their favorite non-profit organizations.

  • Outreach events give organizations an opportunity to invite the surrounding community to laugh and hear more about their mission.

  • Corporate events give leadership a chance to treat the whole organization to the stress relief of laughter trading stress for euphoria.

Survivor Event: Cancer Happens Laugh Anyway

It’s not easy being labeled a “cancer survivor,” but it beats the alternative. Survivors have unique super powers. They walk a road no one would choose, but they go down it just the same. Cancer survivors have faced their own mortality. They’ve endured, overcome, and in many cases, they just keep going. Celebrating that kind of power ignites palpable energy!

Attendee Results:

  • Hear multiple sidesplitting true survival stories from Tracy’s life, cancer journey, and book Laugh Anyway Mom.

  • Inspired to find humor in everyday life as Tracy shares from her own life struggles raising five sons, juggling laundry for a family of seven for decades, and navigating the normal process of aging.

  • Be reminded that everyday holds its own reason to be grateful. Appreciate the funny side of when things get hard (like when the “c” word enters your vocabulary).

  • Be ordained as cancer screening ambassadors with permission to hound, nag, and educate their family and friends with the huge benefits of evicting cancer ASAP.

  • Leave with less cortisol in their blood and more oxytocin in their brains as the natural result of human laughter.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Comedy That Saves

You're sound asleep. A tiny fire starts in your home. It's not your fault, things happen. Your unconscious self is unaware. But while you sleep, fire is busy being fire and it's spreading. When would you like to be told that it’s about to get extremely hot? Same with cancer.

Screenings save lives and prevent suffering. But too often women put off life-saving breast cancer screenings. In this Breast Cancer Awareness presentation, DeGraaf will first make your attendees LOL with her clean comedy about all sorts of things that happen in everyday life. The presentation ends with a call to action for all to get and stay current on breast cancer screenings.

Attendee Results:

  • Experience laughter as Tracy takes them through the hilarious seasons of her life from getting married and having kids to gaining weight and growing a beard.

  • Go with Tracy to the places where “life happens” but you have to “laugh anyway” as she shares true stories from her life and book Laugh Anyway Mom.

  • Laugh and be inspired as Tracy shares her own breast cancer story and how a routine mammogram caught it in the earliest stage. And YES, there are some funny parts.

  • Hear the most common objections to breast cancer screening and how to overcome them.

  • Be ordained as cancer screening ambassadors with permission to hound, nag, and educate their family and friends with the huge benefits of evicting cancer ASAP.

  • Be given the opportunity to respond to a clear call to action to get and stay current with all cancer screenings.

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