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Presence, Fitness and Confidence Coach

Tracy Revell is a Presence, Fitness and Confidence Coach who uses the words "Love your Body. Rock your Life." as a mantra for those who desire more Confidence within Themselves and in their Bodies. She empowers people to become and BE more confident in their own skin, their bodies and in their body-mind-spirit. They go from a place that is less than loving themselves to an EPIC place of love & joy at who they are, within themselves & in their bodies. It is only truly from this space of living that we can shift our lives. How we move in our bodies is a big indicator of our emotional, physical and psychological health. It's the step beyond Body Language...When we actually live life in our bodies with Intuition and Knowing instead of just in our heads and Balance it with Focus and Action, we experience our BEST life in a more joyous, self-sustaining way!

My Journey to get where I am took many roads. Like you I learned that "I needed help to unlearn what had been programmed into my head" by parents and life itself. My education and skills give me a unique skill set that I can identify with you the best course of action to get your life into a "Embodied Confidence" place.

Tracy's credentials include: B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, ACSM HFI certification, Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology, Nia Black Belt and former Next Generation Trainer, a Pilates based movement teacher, Avatar Master, Access Bars Practitioner and an Presence, Fitness and Confidence Coach.

  • American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Instructor
  • Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist
  • Posture and Alignment Educator
  • Embodied Confidence™ Trainer and Coach
  • Nia Black Belt and Former NGT Trainer
  • Pilates Based Movement Teacher


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Speech Topics

Your Life on Purpose: The Essential Secret to a Life That Rocks

It's simple, you choose it. Tracy empowers you to create what you want in your life by being open to all possibilities (even the ones you don't see), becoming/being solution oriented, learning and trusting that you know best in each individual situation and becoming/being receptive to asking for and accepting help from other sources.

Holding Yourself Back From Your Dreams: The REAL Selfishness

It's impossible to really give to or build up others if you're not taking care of yourself or following your heart's desire. Learn these easy and powerful steps to clear a path straight to your dreams.

You Always Have Your Key to Confidence With You

Did you know that you hold the key all of the time? Learn how to find the key when you need it while you incorporate confidence into your daily life.

Unlock Your Success: How to Move Into More Money in Your Business, Success with Clients, and Joy in Your Life

There are 3 must-haves to create the life that you want. Learn how to address what is holding your back so that you can move forward and change to the best course for your business and your life.

Beyond Body Language: How is Your Body Telling Everyone Everything About You? (Signature Talk)

Your Posture and how Present you are in your Body communicates to the world who you are and how you feel about yourself. How much better would your life be if you spent more time completely present? What could you create for yourself, your body, your life, your business and your money flow? Here you'll learn how to find that elusive balance to accomplish what you want in your life.

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