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Tricia Stewart Shiu  

Bestselling Author, Intuitive Expert & CEO of Human Being Company

Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 35-time award-winning author, speaker, and intuitive expert. She is the Founder and CEO of the Human Being Company and her inspirational recordings have received 1.5 million streams and downloads internationally.

Her imprint, Human Being Publishing, has produced international bestselling, award-winning novels ranging from her YA, SciFi Mystical Adventure, Moa Series, to Women’s Fiction with her award-winning Bestseller, PLEASE HOLD. The Moa Series, (MOA, STATUE OF KU and IRON SHINTO) has garnered praise from both critics and the general public for groundbreaking themes and fresh approach to story structure. ​ While continuing her passion for writing, Tricia now offers engaging and inspirational speaking workshops to corporations and groups of all sizes.


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Speech Topics

Regain Your Light After Loss or Trauma

Recent events surrounding school shootings and the loss experienced by survivors left behind, have made it even more timely and essential for us to reconnect with our own intuitive healing powers to regain balance, receive support and nurturing. From this self-connected place, survivors can stave off the downward spiral, which could, potentially, lead to to depression, anxiety and suicide.

Making Brilliant Decisions Under Duress

Is the timer ticking on an important and timely business decision? Perhaps the political spotlight is a little too hot? Maybe the media is breathing down your neck? Receiving inner guidance in the midst of chaos is the fastest way to make a clear, confident decision, as sometimes it’s a impossible to contact an expert, therapist or close friend. This insightful topic will include concrete take-aways and action points.

Overcoming Victim-Blaming

Startling allegations from the music world, entertainment industry and even the Supreme Court, have open the conversation to understanding victims of every kind of abuse. Victims are now faced with a platform that is a minefield of tension and support all wrapped up together. Along with the necessary therapeutic healing, it is essential that survivors, the media who cover their stories and consumers of the information, all connect intuitively and believe ourselves first. From this centered place of self-awareness, victim-blaming will be relegated to the past and true compassion and understanding will prevail.

Trust Your Gut: 3 Easy Steps to Unlock Intuitive Powers for Leadership Success

Meditation and mindfulness is creeping into the vernacular. Many people are using meditation and visualization tools and apps before and after work (even at lunch) as a way to de-stress. But, what happens in the midst of a work challenge when the meditation has long worn off and a crucial financial, career or managerial decision must be made immediately?

Trust Your Gut, offers a unique, tailor made process that will give clear guidance and a way to obtain solutions to any challenge—enter your intuition.

Using Intuition in Relationships: Trusting Yourself First

Whether you are the next Bachelor or Bachelorette, best friend or business mogul, self trust is the key element to making that relationship work. Through betrayals or break ups, everyone has an experience that has changed their understanding of relationships and has, perhaps even, challenge their trust in others or even themselves.

Tapping Into Your Intuition for Business Negotiations and Money Mastery

The Secret that Media moguls, CEOs and Fortune 50 Leaders all know is here! After 17+ years of observing, honing and utilizing her masterful step by step method, Tricia Stewart Shiu will show you how money mastery can be yours!

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