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Investigative Journalist, Host of "Trish Regan Primetime"

Trish Regan is a television talk show host and author. She hosts "Trish Regan Primetime" on the Fox Business Network. She is also a contributor on Fox News Channel. Regan was previously a television host on Bloomberg Television from 2012–15, and a host at CNBC from 2007–12.

Previously, Regan worked as a financial correspondent for CBS Evening News, earning an Emmy nomination for investigative journalism in 2007. From 2001-2005, Regan was based in San Francisco where she served as a correspondent for CBS MarketWatch and anchored for the CBS affiliate, KPIX-TV.

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Stock and Bond Markets

European Debt Crisis

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U.S. Economy

The Fed and You: What Low Interests Rates Mean for Inflation, Growth and the Dollar

With interest rates at record lows, what does this mean for the average American and for the business community? Are low interest rates contributing to higher prices while simultaneously driving the value of the U.S. dollar lower? Is the Fed hurting the U.S. economy by weakening consumer spending power or are these record low rates truly necessary to spur growth? Regan examines the case against low interest rates, showing you how to protect yourself from potential short and long term consequences.

The Debt Bomb: Could History Repeat Itself?

With a debt crisis threatening to derail Europes economy, what does it mean the worlds still fragile recovery? What countries could be the next dominoes to fall? How did Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain wind up in such a perilous positionand what are the similarities and differences between these nations and the United States borrowing habits? Trish Regan takes you through history to show that the most perilous threat faced by great nations has been economic distressnot military conquest. Debt destroys empires. A look at how investors, businesses and policy makers should prepare for the coming debt bomb and what it means for the global economy.

A Look at the Economy: What Needs to Happen for Americans to Prosper Again

With unemployment still high, deficit and debt issues dominating the headlines and growth at a standstill, it is clear that the economy is the number one issue on the minds of the American people. The lack of positive outcomes after trying a variety of approaches to spur growth has many becoming increasingly frustrated and asking why so much money has been spent with so few results. An experienced business journalist, author and television host who has covered the intersection of Washington and Wall Street for the last decade, Trish Regan helps you make sense of the increasingly treacherous economic and political landscape. How is Washington influencing our financial future? How are current tax policies affecting economic growth and what steps should government be taking to encourage private enterprise and grow the economy? Regan takes a critical look at government spending and the entitlement programs weighing on our economic futurearguing that the private sector is the lifeblood of the American economy and that it must be reenergized in order for Americans to prosper. She shows where the system is failing, and stresses the importance of finding long term, sustainable solutions in order to rebuild the American economy one dollar and one job at a time.

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