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Troy Bonar "THE SAFETY SAMURAI"TM is one of the top speakers in the Safety, Security and Leadership industry.

Troy Bonar "THE SAFETY SAMURAI"TM is one of the top speakers in the Safety, Security and Leadership industry. Troy has over 20 years of experience in business mixed with leadership principles of over 20 years of martial arts instruction. Troy presents an innovative way of promoting professionalism to build a strong business culture.

Troy also known in some circles as "The Samurai of Success" is a 5 Time World Champion Martial Arts Instructor, he has served as an Intelligence Specialist, is certified in executive protection, is a Safety Training Specialist and Master Trainer.

Troy is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), the Society for Human Resource Management.(SHRM), and The National Association of Safety Professionals. (NASP) Troy is also a member of the World Speakers Association, the American Speakers Association, and the International Speakers Network..

He has spoken and worked with companies such as Conoco Philips, Kinder Morgan, Toro, Chevron, Sunland Construction, the American Red Cross, the OSHA Region VI Oil and Gas Conference, the National Safety Council Conference, as well as regional Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental, Human Resources, and Security conferences.

Troy Bonar also provides commentary on many safety, diversity, and human resources articles for various Occupational Safety and Health, Human Resources, and Business Management websites.

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"Personal Responsibility & Professionalism"

Troy's newest presentation which gets right down to the heart of the matter. Who is ultimately responsible for the outcome we desire.

All too often we want to point the finger, or find the scapegoat. Who do we file suit against next? Troy discusses the importance and power of personal responsibility in our work and our lives. Troy also discusses how professionalism in the workplace helps to promote excellence and quality perfomance by all employees.

"Every Employee is a Safety Professional" TM

Employee development includes safety knowledge as well as skills of the trade. 50 % of personnel in a safety position have no formal safety education. 90 % of employees have no formal safety education. A discussion of how to develop employees and ensure they are qualified to work for you, and how advanced training for employees pays off today and shapes your culture. Participants learn to be proud of their profession and have the desire to become the best in quality, commitment and safety. Participants learn the 7 characteristics that make a 'Professional Employee'.

"After the Fall" TM

Troy discusses how we can pick ourselves up after an incident and move on. How to use an incident to develop solutions, influence cultural change and how to turn it into future success for your company. How to get out of the blame game mentality and into the change game of success. Master Troy discusses how near miss or major incident struggles can lead to excellence and shares his own story of recovery from an incident.

"Cutting Through the B.S" TM

"All these rules and regulations are BS" stated an employee. I responded, "You are exactly right! These rules and regulations are Basic Safety."- A discussion on how you and your company can be on the cutting edge of safety. Develop educated and field tested policies that go above and beyond Basic Safety. How to make your company safety programs admired by employees, clients, communities, and investors. Discussion of policies that go beyond, the good and the bad, and how to make them even better. Cutting through the BS will make you look sharper when developing new policies and solving Occupational Safety and Health Concerns in the future. Recommended for all owner clients upper management and also all safety professionals who are in charge of developing and maintaining safety policies.

"The ABZ's OF Safety" TM

What is Safety really about? What is our true mission? As leaders in our organizations what is our purpose. A discussed the principles that drive the leaders in the safety industry. How to renew your focus, get through the tough times, and grow as a leader no matter what level you are at in your career. This program will give personnel a renewed focus and insight into their careers and purpose in the Safety Industry.

"Employee to Professional" TM

Based on the Book: Employee to Professional: How to Get More Time, Money, and Respect from Your Job. This presentation is key to increasing employee moral and performance. Employees will view their career as much more than just a paycheck. Troy discusses 3 things that can be done starting today to help you get more out of your career. Employees are motivated to take pride in themselves, their company and their work.

"Protecting the 5 P's : People, Public, Product, Profits and Productivity" TM

A discussion of how the impact of safety affects all facets of business. Why it should be the primary focus. Why investing in safety is key to long term business success. How culture makes you more profitable. Overcoming setbacks and recovering your strength. How to motivate and support your employees to increase quality and Productivity.

Where to start, where to go, how to change everything starting today, this is what the 5 P's are all about.

"Safety Personnel 101" TM

Unfortunately there are many individuals who have been placed into a safety position who lack the training, skills, or character needed to handle such a vital role. We will be discussing the role of the Safety Person, "Job descriptions", and what are they "really are". A discussion of a great Safety Person versus one who is a liability. A discussion of how to find good Safety People and the 7 of the characteristics they should have. How to use consultants effectively while getting value from their services. How to use education and training to keep good safety personnel and develop future leaders for your company.

"Babysitters No More!" TM

How Safety managers and Safety Personnel can get out of the hand holding phase of Safety. How to get middle managers to back you and your company's policy. How to empower your jobsite supervision. A discussion on employee responsibility and how it can reduce your workload significantly. A discussion on how to stop being the safety cop and become a respected Safety Professional. 'Babysitters No More!' will help you change the culture of your safety program and employee perceptions of safety.


Safety Success Boot CampTM

Safety Success Boot Camps for the private workplace are a two day customized session, tailored to your business and culture goals. Empowering your entire team from Employees to Management, this breakout program creates dialogue, direction, and solutions for your entire company.

Safety Success Boot Camp open sessions are designed to help leaders, managers, safety committees and safety personnel accomplish great things in their workplace and careers. This 2 day session gives tools and tricks of the trade that have proven success records and address the concerns and issues that Safety Leaders face on a day to day basis. This program is ideal for all personnel who are transitioning into the safety field, need a recharge of their programs, or supervise safety personnel or are responsible for the safety of their employees.

Troy Bonar is the author of :

GPS for Success: Goals and Proven strategies for Success with Co Authors Stephen Covey, Les Brown and Dr. John Gray

Employee to Professional: How to Get More Time, Money, and Respect from Your Job.

Geocaching Your Life

OSHA SURVIVAL: Inspections


OSHA SURVIVAL: Regulations

Safety Success: 7 Simple Steps for Employees

Safety Success: 7 Simple Steps for Supervision

Safety Success: 7 Simple Steps for Owners and Management

Safety Success: The Complete Action Guide

Samurai Success: Ancient Principles for Today's Working Warrior.

Bushido Business: The Fine Art of the Business Professional with Co Authors Brian Tracey, Tom Hopkins, and Stephen Covey

Driving Safety: The Road Warriors Survival Guide

Airport Survival: Tips from Diehard Travelers.

365 Safety Tips

365 Safety Tips: Work

365 Safety Tips: Home

365 Safety Tips: Recreation

365 Safety Tips: Travel/Vacation

Mastering the Art of Success with co authors Les Brown, Mark Victor Hanson and Jack Canfield.


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