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Keynote Speaker, Motivator & Communication Expert

Vicki specializes in keynote addresses, customized workshops and seminars, in-service training, and after-dinner speaking. Her background as a business consultant, speech communications teacher, speaker, humorist, songwriter, author, and owner of her own company brings wisdom, experience, and knowledge to her presentations and the writing of the book Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't For Other People.

Vicki has been drawn to the spotlight and the stage ever since she can remember. She was always writing and directing plays through elementary school and coercing all her friends to be in them. At home, she would get the neighborhood kids together to audition for various variety shows under, of course, her direction! She was chosen in the 5th grade as the lead in her school Christmas play and thought she had arrived.

Vicki joined the speech and debate team in high school and received a speech communications scholarship while attending Stephen F. Austin State University. She obtained a B.A. in Speech Communications and Radio/TV. She remembers hearing her college roommate tell her mom, (after being asked what her roommate, Vicki wanted to do when she grew up) "I think she wants to be like Carol Brunette!" Vicki has always taken that as one of the best compliments she has ever received!

She went on to become a speech/debate and drama classroom teacher, leading her school's speech team to victory year after year. Vicki was the recipient of the Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers Honorary Life Membership Award for her outstanding and distinguished service to children. After 13 years in the classroom, she started her own speaking and consulting business. She has now been motivating and inspiring people nationwide for 20 years.

Vicki's enthusiasm, emphasis on content, and entertaining style have made her a successful speaker and motivator. Vicki's presentations have inspired audiences to work better together, take risks, build stronger relationships and take a closer look at themselves. Vicki touches the hearts and minds of every audience member and always leaves them wanting more!

Speech Topics

Gimme a Break!

Men and women alike are juggling and struggling with the roles and demands of home and career. Most of us yearn for another few hours in each day, but would we use it to relax, vacation, or get a few needed hours of sleep? Probably not. This entertaining and informative presentation does not concentrate on the usual time management, stress or organizational skills approach but rather focuses on some bottom-line issues that keep us from getting the most out of life.

Everybody Thinks They Can Do My Job, But Nobody Wants It!

Successful managers must address the need for better customer service, the demand for higher quality and the cry for consistent leadership. This workshop is designed to empower business managers in the vital areas of building a successful team, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication skills, employee morale, a winning attitude, burnout, self esteem in the workplace and effective performance appraisals.

Self Esteem & the Six Second Secret

Self-esteem is much more than simply feeling good about oneself. People with high self-esteem are accountable for their own actions, accept responsibility for their performance, behavior, and attitudes, and treat others with dignity and respect. One of the most popular presentations within the Challenge Series, the profoundly simple "six-second secret" can dramatically impact day-to-day communication patterns that characterize our homes, our classrooms, our workplace and our offices.

Creating a Vision: A Goal for the Soul

Unlike goals, a vision is immeasurable. A vision is what makes life worth living. A vision is what makes you feel GOOD about getting out of bed in the morning, doing your job with a sense of pride, and working with others in a spirit of camaraderie. A vision begins with a belief in yourself because confidence and self-esteem give us permission to take risks, explore new territory and examine innovative ideas and procedures. This highly motivational presentation delivers cutting-edge information about the work force of the 90's, empowerment, total quality management, and the demands of a global market.

Life Would Be Easy if It Weren't for Other People!

Life is full of difficult people, situations and demands, but we never quite learn to live with them. This fast-paced, entertaining session explores the differences between men and women, touches on marriage and parenting, and then moves into the workplace describing the whiner, tattler, gossiper, complainer, and the employee who says, "That's not my job." Though humorous and motivational, this presentation is full of information and techniques that can be applied immediately to home and work to help people build better relationships, open lines of communication, and enjoy life a little bit more.

If We're Going to Win This Race, We Need to Run in the Same Direction!

Imagine if you will... people working together in a positive environment, sharing ideas, taking risks, supporting one another, resolving conflicts face to face, and treating others with dignity and respect. Does this sound like the Twilight Zone? If so, this information-packed, dynamic presentation is for you! Positive attitudes and a commitment to cooperation are essential to the success of any team--at work or at home. Excellent keynote presentation.

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Together We Can Build a Better World

Young executives listen attentively as the company president projects the next quarter's sales goals. In a classroom down the street, a teacher steers her students through a maze of numbers, explaining a new math concept. A health professional in a local hospital employs up-to-the-minute technology for the first time in a new life-saving procedure. And at home, a young mother encourages her children to play well together, once again teaching the advantages of sharing and cooperation. No matter who we are or what we do, life is a continuous series of challenges. This dramatic series of presentations is designed to explore the skills needed to successfully face every challenge: provide quality service, respect others, believe in ourselves, work as a team, establish solid family relationships, and develop a positive attitude. By focusing on these qualities, each audience member is motivated to face the challenges of building a better world!

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