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Helping business owners create plans to prosper that attract clients who pay, stay and refer.

Victoria Cook is an author, speaker and marketing coach. She is famous for her ability to demystify marketing and make marketing strategies easy to understand. She is director of The Center for Guilt-Free Success and an instructor for the DIY Marketing Center. Victoria co-authored the marketing book Plans to Prosper.


The first born girl from a family of 6, Victoria Cook has always been naturally driven, high achieving, and able to get a lot done. During a 20 year career in Corporate America working for Fortune 100 companies, and escaping many waves of downsizing, she took matters into her own hands and decided to go into business for herself when she discovered the profession of coaching.

As an entrepreneur herself and a working Mom and wife, Victoria is familiar with the pressures of juggling small business ownership. After the birth of her son in 2005, Victoria found she was torn between entrepreneurship and motherhood and left feeling guilty when spending time in either area. Utilizing many of the tools and strategies she shared with her clients, she struck a good balance between the two and found guilt-free success. Combining her corporate experiences of time and project management and strategic planning with her coaching tools, she created and trademarked a 7-step Guilt-Free RESULTS™ system she uses to help clients savor the 3 M’s of Marketing, Motherhood and Money to create the guilt-free success they desire. As a certified Coach and Trainer for the DIY Marketing Center, Victoria also brings a step-by-step marketing process to the work she does with her clients.

Victoria has helped numerous entrepreneurs in the U.S. and abroad grow their business and create fulfilling lives. When not helping business owners attract great clients she's a loving wife, guilt-free Mom, scrapbooker, cyclist and maker of wicked chocolate truffles.

For speaking engagements, Victoria can be reached at 847-701-4739, through e-mail at [email protected] or via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  

Speech Topics

How to Attract More Clients (and more Business) with Three Silver Bullets of Marketing

Attract more clients like magic! Would you like to attract more clients quickly, easily, and for zero dollars? Would it surprise you to learn that attracting the clients you want most is actually easier than attracting just anyone, and with these magic bullets, it even costs less? Takeaway’s include:

  • What you absolutely positively have to know to attract more of the clients you want most

  • How the magic bullets of marketing work, and when to use them

  • Which magic bullet could be the single most effective marketing tool you’ll ever use

How to Build Your Business with Networking: Secrets of a Master Networker Revealed!

Victoria will share networking tips and techniques that anyone can master. In this exciting presentation, you’ll learn how YOU can make your network rain referrals networking the right (easy) way, plus you’ll learn the absolute worst networking mistake you could ever make. Learn:

  • How to teach anyone how to refer to you in under 60 seconds

  • What to say so that your colleagues and clients automatically refer to you--almost without thinking!

  • Precisely when, where, and how to network effectively

Three Secret Marketing & Prosperity Strategies Revealed

Why are some businesses thriving while others are barely scraping by? What do they know (or do) that you don’t? Find out when all three secret marketing and prosperity strategies will be revealed!

This info-packed overview will include:

  • the essential elements of marketing plans

  • marketing strategies with examples and ideas

  • a take-home template

Spiritual Marketing Strategies: The 7 Sacred Shifts to Success

Tired of being absolutely passionate and excellent at what you do, but still not make a decent living at it? Tired of struggling to make ends meet?

During this information-packed in-person seminar you will hear a unique success formula and the seven sacred shifts needed to attract the success you want. This seminar will specifically spell out, define, and describe exactly what to do to get clients quickly and easily!

Strategic Plan Development

A great strategic plan creates a path for future success. We help business owners and boards execute a strategic planning process. Our process results in the creation of a 3-5-year strategic plan and action plans. These plans enable the organization to exceed the expectations of their stakeholders and incorporate a forward-thinking organizational mission, vision and values. The documents created outline specific actions and plans for implementing key strategies. Services may include:

  • Review or revise current mission, vision and value statements
  • Conduct focus groups to gather qualitative data
  • Gathering input from staff and stakeholders
  • Online survey to gather quantitative data
  • Team building
  • Facilitate a strategic planning retreat

Secrets of Soft Selling Finally Revealed

Did you know that there are three truly awful mistakes in sales? Mistakes so deadly that they actually drive away new business! And what's worse is this: Even if you LOVE what you do, but you HATE to sell, you may be making one...or MORE of these mistakes.

Find out more about these mistakes--if you're making one of them and how to stop--in Secrets of Soft Selling Finally Revealed. Here's what else you'll discover in this info-packed seminar:

  • Why we "hate" selling--and how to turn that around
  • The 7 real reasons prospects don't buy--and what to do about them
  • The 3 deadliest sales mistakes--and what they cost you
  • How to double your sales immediately
  • The secret questions that prospects won't ask, but you must answer to make the sale
  • What to do instead if you hate cold calling

What you learn in this class will help you get better at sales!

Communication & Skills to Manage Multiple Projects

This four-hour training program provides the insight, skills and strategies to communicate with greater confidence, improve management of priorities and projects and enhance partnership with one’s boss and other leaders. After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Determine the best way to communicate with confidence with your boss and others
  2. Choose strategies for planning and managing projects effectively
  3. Select one or more approaches for partnering with their boss to positively impact teamwork and productivity
  4. Select the right approach to better manage time and priorities for project completion

How to Have More Effective Communication & Relationships in the Workplace

A key to success is knowing yourself. Knowing your own limitations and realizing your weaknesses, enable you to develop plans to overcome any shortcomings and take full advantage of your strengths. In this action-oriented workshop participants will:

  • Understand their own behavioral style
  • Recognize, understand, and appreciate others behavioral styles
  • Adapt and blend your style for greater, more effective communication and relationships

Outstanding Customer Service with Fish, Fries & Pickles

During a challenging economic climate, keeping current customers is crucial. Outstanding customer service and follow through are what keep clients coming back! So why do business owners often fail when it comes to this critical step?

Participants will walk away from this presentation understanding the three strategies to improve customer service and team leadership.

The #1 Secret of Marketing Success Revealed

Would you like to know the #1 secret of marketing success and HOW you can do it yourself without any extra special technology and without spending a huge new investment in ANYTHING? Take a look at what we'll cover in this info-packed presentation:

  • The #1 secret of marketing success
  • The 3 obstacles of marketing business owners face
  • The 4 P's of marketing
  • The #1 tool that can improve revenue & profitability by up to 80%

Grow Your Reputation, Visibility & Business Using Social Media

Social media marketing can be a great strategy to grow your business. Where you choose to connect depends on who you want to connect with. The good news is that you have a ton of options for social media, and the even better news is that having a solid presence in just a few places where your clients and prospects are is enough. You will learn:

  • The three key ways to use social media to grow your business
  • Exactly what to do to grow your reputation, visibility & business using Social Media
  • Resources to implement your social media marketing strategies

The DIY Prosperity & Profitability Marketing Blueprint

Does it seem like marketing is getting too complicated?

Between social media, do-it-yourself tools, and the emphasis on free, how's a small business to survive?

Enter the new DIY Prosperity & Profitability Marketing Blueprint. This powerful one-page format replaces the old school marketing plan. It is shorter (ONE PAGE), clearer, and easier to create than ever. And it defines your best marketing strategy for generating revenue right now.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to target, engage and keep great clients profitably
  • Gain an understanding of the 9 key components of the marketing blueprint
  • Get a powerful 1-page marketing blueprint template for their use

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