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Vinh Giang        

Entrepreneur, Magician & Coach

Vinh Giang (pronounced Jang) is first and foremost a businessperson and entrepreneur. While in his 20s, he started an online business with two good friends - all of them had decided to leave their careers in accounting and pharmacy to pursue their dream of building a successful business. Their online platform, Encyclopedia of Magic, now teaches magic to almost 50,000 students around the world. For this innovative and successful business idea, Vinh and his friends were awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Giang’s mission in business and life is to share the psychology of illusion. He has devoted himself to understanding the ways in which people are fooled by illusions and by the tricks we play on ourselves. During his presentations, he demonstrates how this occurs.

Coming from the humble beginnings of a Vietnamese refugee family, Giang has worked with companies from all over the world. Mentored by internationally recognized experts in innovation and success psychology, such as Matthew Michalewicz, he shares fresh, cutting-edge topics with his audience.

Hearing Giang will open your mind to new possibilities as he takes you on an unforgettable journey through stories, remarkable insights into human psychology, business, and the wonderful art of magic.

Speech Topics

The Psychology of Illusion – Perspective

Vinh presents the audience with a magic performance and invites them to offer their solutions as to how it was done. In going through this process, the audience learns quickly that perspective is the key to solving any problem. After all, magic is just a problem that your attendees do not have the solution to. While they may appear complicated, magic tricks are problems specifically designed with no solution. By getting a small insight into how to solve magic tricks, imagine the clarity your attendees will take into the other problems in their business and personal lives. “All it takes is a different vantage point to navigate through the most complex of mazes.” Vinh Giang

The Psychology of Illusion – Misdirection

Misdirection is one of the most important aspects of the art of magic. Through a visual demonstration, Vinh takes the audience through a series of magic effects to show them how easily one can be misled. Vinh then takes you deep inside the psychology behind the art of magic to show and prove to the audience that your negative beliefs, no matter what they are, do not exist. Vinh will show your audiences how to overcome misdirection in life and business. With this mindset audiences will realize that there are no limits to what they can achieve. It is only with this mindset that magicians are able to create magic; let Vinh help you and your team create magic with what you do in business!

The Psychology of Illusion – Influence

In this presentation Vinh takes you exclusively behind the scenes and shows you how magicians are able to influence their spectators in an incredible way. It is through this demonstration that Vinh asks the question: “Who is influencing you in your life?” and “Are your decisions really your own?” Vinh will demonstrate techniques on blocking out negative influence and gaining and maintaining a positive mindset. Imagine just for a moment that you ‘got up on the right side of the bed’ every single day for the next three months. How would that change your life? How would that change your business? Mindset is everything.

The Psychology of Illusion – Showmanship

Re-energize your sales team by having them witness Vinh perform a spectacular feat of magic, followed by a personal insight into the “behind the scenes” of the effect. Vinh reminds us all that every encounter is a performance. This applies to every interaction throughout our day, but most particularly when it is a sales encounter. No matter how many times we have done something, we need to remember that the person on the receiving end is experiencing it for the first time, and we need to make sure it is the best experience possible. Vinh will also share with the audience a powerful formula to help them dramatically improve their presentation skills.

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