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Virginia Mendez        

Author of "Childhood Unlimited: Parenting Beyond the Gender Bias" & Founder of The Feminist Shop

Virginia Mendez is the author of “Childhood Unlimited: Parenting beyond the gender bias“ published by John Murray Press (Hachette Group) and the series of bilingual children’s books “Mika & Lolo”. Mendez is a public speaker and co-founder of The Feminist Shop - an ethical brand that educates on the topic of feminism.

She is multilingual, originally from Spain but well settled in Northern Ireland. She also speaks Italian and French. She studied Law and Business, got a master’s in leadership and has 8 years of experience both in big corporate (PwC and Deloitte) and small international companies. After her second child she decided to put her skills into something that could make a real positive change, by challenging kids and adults to unlearn constrictive stereotypes.

Her public speaking includes corporate (Sensata Technologies, AON…), festivals (Human Rights Festival, GIN Festival, Books festival, Festival of the girl) and virtual workshops and training (Potato, Work Life Central…). She also work for schools, including parents, teachers and students (British School of Rio de Janeiro, Luter King School (Tenerife), Prendergast Ladywell School (London)…). She is very versatile and although she has some pre-prepared done-and-proved events she likes being able to create something specific for the needs of each event. She has experience hosting panels, as well as sitting them as guest or delivering solo.

She was recognized as one of the 130 Women breaking the bias of 2022 by Diverse In Globaland, Top 100 UK.

Speech Topics


As a mum of both a boy and a girl, children's author and passionate about growing the next generation Virginia is huge believer in the impact of awareness to make small tweaks that can make a huge difference.

Topics covered:

  • Nature or nurture? A quick introduction of neuroplasticity.

  • What are gender stereotypes and what are their consequences?

  • A critical look at books, tv, toys, clothes etc and their role in perpetuating the stereotypes.

  • The consequences for all genders in our present and future.

  • Tools and techniques as parents and educators to overcome it.

Attendees will leave inspired and excited about the opportunity to do things different and be part of the change. Equipped with the science and data and ready to start actioning things not only for their kids but also for themselves, because the change starts with us!


We have made huge progress towards equality but unconscious bias still plays a role in the way we recruit and develop professionals, translating in a loss of value for people and companies. By not developing diverse teams with difference opinions and thoughts companies are missing out a huge opportunity to become not only a better workplace but also more profitable.

Topics covered:

  • Examples of unconscious bias, the effect it has and what we can do about it;

  • Exploring how it happens from an early age; and how they affect our decisions and outcomes.

  • The reality of the problem and the science and the studies behind it.

  • The responsibility as a company. Why it matters? How we benefit from equality.

  • Tools in your belt! Sponsorship, mentoring and other tools to move towards a more fair, diverse and equitable reality.

Action orientated and non judgemental talk that will make people feel safe to explore what is happening and what to do next

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