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Waleed Ahmed  

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Reformed Con-Artist, Known as "Norway's Mark Zuckerberg"

Waleed Ahmed came a long way from being a Pakistani immigrant to the most promising entrepreneur in Norway. His rise and fame started while he was still a teenager when he invented an iPhone cover that used solar energy to charge the phone. The Norwegian government hailed his invention, and Ahmed became the youngest Norwegian in history to receive a six-figure government grant as part of Innovation Norway. This award granted him access to the high places, and he was invited to the Palace by the Norwegian royal family on several occasions to meet their friends who included Queen Rania of Jordan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, former U.N ambassador Andrew Young, CNN Founder Ted Turner, and other famous people. He started his company while he was still a teenager.

At the age of 20, the media had turned Ahmed into a celebrity. He was hailed as ‘Norway’s Mark Zuckerberg.’ He was awarded a Pride of Performance award by a committee that promoted Norwegians with Pakistani roots for his achievements and multi-million dollar deals. The then U.S Ambassador to Norway, Barry B. White, invited Ahmed to the U.S embassy where Ahmed requested a meeting with the then U.S president, Barack Obama. Two months later, President Obama sent him a personal letter through the ambassador. This only meant that his fame was growing outside Norway’s borders. Ahmed then moved to Los Angeles in the U.S to continue with his business.

This fascinating story ended when Ahmed went to the U.S. There, it was uncovered that Ahmed was not who he appeared to be. He was the biggest con artist of the time. Ahmed managed to trick everyone in Norway before moving to the U.S, where he was caught. The media investigated and revealed that the iPhone cover that made him famous was not his invention. It already existed in the market, and he bought it from Alibaba.com, the Chinese e-commerce website, and promoted it like his own invention.

Before he was caught, Ahmed had convinced an investor in San Francisco to invest $1 million in a fake deal to promote Justin Bieber’s concert in Scandinavia. He used his background and networks to convince the investor that he was a successful entrepreneur. He promised the investor that he would get a $9 million profit in three months. There were some problems, and the investor noticed that he was being tricked. He involved the FBI, and Ahmed was arrested and sentenced to 11 years in federal prison. After his arrest, all his fraudulent businesses were uncovered. His story was covered by big media groups, including CNN.

As twisted as it may appear, his story portrays the power of charisma and determination. These traits form the recipe for greatness. While in prison, Ahmed was rehabilitated and went through a transformation. He is now fresh out of prison, and he is ready to share his story as an inspiration. He will show you how to utilize charisma and other entrepreneurial traits to win your audience. How did he manage to sell all his fake stories without being noticed?

He has an upcoming radio podcast called Luftslottet in Norway produced by Fremantle Media and distributed by Podme. His documentary called Stol på meg (Trust me) premiered and was the most streamed and most-watched documentary in Norway. His book is also under publication.

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