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Author, Coach & Social Media Tycoon

Author, public speaker, coach, and social media tycoon Wallo267 brings a new meaning to the term power-messaging.

With his first criminal conviction at the age of 10, Wallo267 was on a path of being a career criminal and inmate. Not too long after, at 17, after doing five years in a juvenile detention centre, Wallo267 was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison, following his other brother and step-father, to the same penitentiary.

Fast forward to February 2017, after serving his 20-year sentence, Peeples has found a new calling and career, disrupting the status quo as a social media game-changer and charismatic magnet. Four years and over 1 million followers later, here's why you should believe in the WALLO267 brand! Wallo lives by the motto that belief in yourself and determination to succeed will always outweigh the negativity that life can bring.

Speech Topics

Don't Wait Till Its Too Late

Targeted towards audiences struggling to stay on the right path, this topic gives a honest outlook on street life and poor decision making encouraging the audience to not wait until we hit rock bottom to be better for ourselves and those around us.

Being Weird is Ok

A message of self acceptance and self love encouraging us to embrace who we are as individuals instead of conforming to the mold of the examples around us both good and bad. Understanding that being weird is not just ok but vital for success in the most challenging environments.

One Choice Away

Based on the single decision that landed Wallo in prison for 20 years and the single choice he makes every day now that is improving his life for the better. Highlighting we are each daily one choice away from decisions that could dramatically change our lives for the worst or the best.

Never Give Up

After making a devastating life decision that could have crushed his outlook on life Wallo never gave up on himself or his future. This topic encourages the audience to fight through adversity to discover your true self and understand it is never too late to be your best self

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