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Wally Amos            

Founder of Famous Amos Cookies

Today, Famous Wally Amos' name is a household word. His most recent venture is Chip & Cookie, with retail stores in Waikiki and in Kailua Town, Hawaii, and an e-commerce business (ChipandCookie.com), featuring five flavors of cookies and two chocolate chip cookie plush character dolls, "Chip" and "Cookie," plus other gift and apparel items created by his wife, Christine Harris-Amos.

Together, Wally and Christine Amos founded the Read It LOUD! Foundation (ReadItLoud.org) in 2005, urging parents and caregivers to read aloud to children for at least ten minutes each day. Ten percent of the net profits realized by Chip & Cookie will benefit the foundation to support its efforts to promote children's literacy. In August 2006, using Savannah as their pilot city, they launched Read It LOUD! Savannah. Read It LOUD! recently partnered with the Library of Congress and the United States Postal Service to launch a national campaign.

In 1994, Amos co-founded the Uncle Wally's Muffin Company which produces a full line of muffins. As founder of Famous Amos Cookies in 1975 and father of the gourmet chocolate chip cookie industry, he has used his fame to support educational causes. Amos was National Spokesman for Literacy Volunteers of America from 1979 until 2002 when they merged with Laubach Literacy Council to create ProLiteracy Worldwide. He now refers to himself as a literacy advocate. He is a former Board Member of the National Center for Family Literacy and Communities in Schools. In addition, he serves as Chairman of the Read It LOUD! Foundation.

Amos has been the recipient of many honors and awards. He gave the shirt off his back and his battered Panama hat to the Smithsonian Institution's Business Americana Collection. He has been inducted into the Babson College Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs, and he received the Horatio Alger Award, The President's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, and The National Literacy Honors Award.

Amos is also an author who has written eight books: his autobiography, The Famous Amos Story: The Face That Launched a Thousand Chips; The Power in You: Ten Secret Ingredients to Inner Strength; Man With No Name: Turn Lemons Into Lemonade; Watermelon Magic: Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life; The Cookie Never Crumbles: Inspirational Recipes for Everyday Living; Be Positive; The Power in Self-Esteem: How to Discover and Fulfill Your Life Dreams; Live an Inspiring Life: Ten Secret Ingredients for Inner Strength; and The Path to Success is Paved with Positive Thinking.

Over the years, Amos has acted in a number of network sitcoms and appeared on hundreds of interview shows, news programs, educational programs, and commercials. On the lecture circuit, he addresses audiences at corporations, industry associations, and universities with his inspiring "do it" positive attitude.

Amos' favorite fruit is watermelon. He wears it on his head, feet, and body; he even has watermelons painted on his truck and luggage.

Over 150 million Americans know Wally Amos. His fame is grounded in quality, substance, and a positive attitude.

Speech Topics

Watermelon Credo

Wally Amos' Watermelon Credo has become the guide by which he lives his life. He will share how the alphabets of Watermelon help him remember that:

What he believes creates his belief system – the basis for everything that happens in his life. He will share how Attitude has become the map that helps him navigate through all his life experiences. He will use children's books to demonstrate how to be a better Team player. He will share personal examples why Enthusiasm really is the wellspring of life and how Respecting others will help build your own self-esteem. He will tell why Making commitments, saying, "I will," will get much better results than saying, I'll try." He will show how to make Every day of your life a fun day. He will talk about why Love is the answer and he will prove that the only way you can live life is One day at a time and that it truly is beneficial to absolutely Never, never ever give up.

You will never look at a watermelon again without remembering the sweet words from Amos' Watermelon Credo. He does all this with a sense of humor and music, occasionally playing his signature kazoo. He will strengthen your belief system which will strengthen your attitude. After hearing Amos, you will have no choice but to be positive.`

Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life

Hawaii's beloved "Cookie Man" focuses on helping people to shed the cultural stereotypes and myths that often cloud their decisions and misdirect their actions. Emphasis is placed on getting in touch with the truth of who we are now versus what we've been in the past. Participants will realize that each of us creates our own belief system and will learn how to transform the negative beliefs they may have into positive ones while simultaneously unlocking their inner power.

A Recipe for a Successful Life

What are the ingredients that have made Mr. Amos a success? Focus, teamwork, follow-through, balance. This enlightening keynote will allow the audience to explore their own belief system and evaluate their own values. It is a super-charged speech for anyone or any company ready to turn their lives, career, or corporation around.

Relationships Are Partnerships

Drawing from his own relationships, both personal and business, Amos shares how organizations can achieve clearer communications, harmony, and a sense of belonging for all employees. Because of his years of varied experiences and careers, plus his warm, personal, and sincere delivery, he is qualified to show the advantages of teamwork. Wally shares his successes and his failures, which can act as a mirror to benefit your organization. When you strengthen your relationships and partnerships, you strengthen your organization.

The Power In You

The Power in You is designed to demonstrate that life is an inside job. Using his personal experiences, Amos explores the power in words, faith, enthusiasm, giving, attitude, love, and other positive aspects of life to help the audience connect with their inner power. Throughout the years that he has been speaking, The Power in You has proven to be an excellent vehicle for building self-esteem and confidence.

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The Cookie Never Crumbles

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