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William Freund  

Chief Economist Emeritus, The New York Stock Exchange

Dr. William Freund, chief economist emeritus of the New York Stock Exchange, has a national reputation as the Big Board's chief economist for 18 years.

He is an emeritus professor of economics at Pace University's Graduate School of Business in New York City where he directed the Freund Center for the Study of Securities Markets.

Freund received his doctorate in economics from Columbia University.

Freund is special among economists, not only for his keen eye and broad perspective but also for his well-developed sense of humor.

The New York Times called him a "unique economist" because he "knows the practical world of business and finance as well as the world of research and academia." A syndicated columnist called him "the brilliant chief economist of the New York Stock Exchange."

His views are often quoted in the press and on TV.

He is the author of the best-selling book Investment Fundamentals, co-author of the book People and Productivity, as well as numerous other books and articles.

He is widely recognized as an authority on the domestic and international economy, the financial markets and the study of productivity and competitiveness. He has been an advisor to business, governments and financial institutions. His report Productivity and Inflation was published by the Joint Economic Committee of the United States Congress.

Speech Topics

What's Ahead for The Global Economy?

Freund shares his outlook on the global marketplace providing a sweeping look at today's borderless global economy. He forecasts how news headlines will impact today's global economy and the implications for the future. His comments include how American businesses must cope with emerging new trends domestically and internationally.

What Is Ahead: A Focused Analysis of Specific Industries

The economic crisis and ensuing plan to save the American economy has signaled an end to Wall Street as we know it and irrevocably altered the global business landscape. How companies respond to the challenges and changes will separate the winners from the losers. In a presentation tailored to your audinece's interest and expertise level, Freund examines:

  • How the bailout and the ensuing regulatory changes will impact the overall business community, as Congress and the executive branch bring their legislative and policy powers to bear in the hopes of achieving increased transparency and accountability
  • What is ahead for your specific industry including the financial markets, brokerage, financial services and banking
  • The state of the stock market and analysis of issues that will dictate interest rates, the deficit and the future of trading markets
  • Developments at NYSE, NASDAQ and the implications for the future

Where Is the U.S. Economy Headed?

The economic downturn which has been gripping the nation is now nearing its end. The burning question, however, is how strong will the upturn be and how long will it last? Bill Freund, the long-time chief economist of the Big Board, discusses the factors likely to determine the strength and duration of the recovery, including the federal rescue package, developments in the financial markets, the outlook for capital and consumer spending, and the value of the US dollar. Not to be overlooked is the impact of economic developments globally, Freund discusses not only how developments will alter the U.S. economy in the short term, but also the longer-lasting impact on the consumer and on business. He stresses the role of the ballooning Federal deficit on growth prospects. His insights, featuring his characteristic wit and charm, are indispensable for good business planning. He speaks eloquently and without the jargon of the profession. He is always eager to research an industry and a company to customize his speech to fit your audience's particular needs.

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