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Yves Morieux  

Senior Partner & Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group

Yves Morieux is a senior partner and managing director. He is an expert in corporate transformation and leads the firm’s development of approaches to help corporations create the structural and behavioral groundwork for competitive advantage. He is a BCG Fellow and director of the BCG Institute for Organization in the global People & Organization practice area.

Yves has been a BCG Fellow since 2008. His research topic is new business complexities and their organizational implications, and he has given a TED talk on the "Smart Rules" for simplifying organizations as part of a series of talks curated by TED and BCG. The global economy is going through a new economic revolution, and every economic revolution entails an organizational revolution. Organizational forms that fail to adapt are eliminated by the market. Morieux’s fellowship research is on the new selection criteria—what strategy calls competitive advantage—and their implications for work and the way it is performed, organized, and managed.

This research is based on an analysis of productivity and engagement trends and their drivers, and it leverages state-of-the-art thinking in social sciences, notably organizational sociology and behavioral economics. Results show that, given the new business environment, certain organizational choices lead to simultaneous increases in employee performance and satisfaction. And these increases are larger than those that result from approaches such as restructuring efforts on the one hand and “people initiatives” on the other.

Yves has helped pioneer new ways of organizational thinking through the development of "smart simplicity," an approach designed in cooperation with BCG clients in different regions and industries. The basis of smart simplicity is creating an environment in which employees can work with one another to develop creative solutions to complex challenges. This concept includes six “smart rules” to help managers enhance output without adding organizational complexity or complicatedness.

Before joining BCG, Yves was a director in a private research and consulting practice that specialized in applying state-of-the-art findings in the social sciences to organizations and markets.

Yves lectures in the advanced sociology program and is a professor in the master of public affairs program at Sciences Po. He is on the advisory board of the Journal of Customer Behaviour and on the managerial advisory board of the Journal of Social Business. Morieux was a social science expert for the French National Research Agency (ANR) and is frequently featured in business articles on organizational evolution in such publications as the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Le Monde.

Yves holds a PhD in business administration (industrial marketing) from the University of Strathclyde in the United Kingdom, a DEA in organization sociology from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris (Science Po), a postgraduate certificate in research and quantitative skills from the University of Glasgow, and a master’s degree from the Center for Education and Research Applied to Management (SKEMA, Sophia Antipolis). He is a Salzburg Seminar alumnus.

Speech Topics

Smart Simplicity: How to Manage Complexity without Getting Complicated

Companies typically respond to the new complexity of the business environment -- the need to satisfy more performance requirements, notably lower cost and higher quality, speed and reliability, innovation and efficiency, standardization and personalization... -- with a burdensome proliferation of structures, solid and dotted lines, committees, processes and systems in the organization. This internal complicatedness stifles productivity, innovation, and disengagement at work. There is another way to face the new complexity of business, that I have called ""smart simplicity"".

Attendees will learn solutions to create competitive advantage by facing business complexity while eliminating internal complicatedness. The ""six simple rules"" will illustrate the tools that thus help create more value for all stakeholders at lower cost.

New Ways of Working: the Social Economics of Relational Productivity

The temporary elimination of the office – the container – during the pandemic lockdowns led to an illumination of largely ignored and untapped potential in the content of work. This discovery by subtraction allowed to highlight the importance of Relational Productivity: the performance differential that accrues from connectedness, irrespective of the physical proximity between employees.

Attendees will learn how organizations can leverage Relational Productivity to achieve major improvements in both performance and satisfaction at work. The approach, tools and prescriptions go far beyond the pros and cons of physical, hybrid, and remote work settings. They are relevant to any organization, irrespective of where work takes place.

Transformation: How to Change what Really needs to Change for Better Results

Change management is at the same time one of the most burning issues for organizations and the topic with the most number of misconceptions. These misconceptions cause errors by commission and errors by omission. Things don't change, or get worse. In the end we blame the people's ""resistance to change"", their mindsets, attitudes, and even their personality. This adds injustice to ineffectiveness. Yet, state-of-the-art proven results from social and behavioral sciences provide clear and effective insights about successful transformation.

Leveraging the speaker's experience counselling more than 500 organizations, the session will explain and illustrate the battle-tested solutions to drive transformation. These solutions include tools and methods that translate scientific insights into practical approaches for leaders.


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