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It’s so cool to see how far Zox Straps has come even in the past 8 months, and how people try to explain what they are.

It’s so cool to see how far Zox Straps has come even in the past 8 months, and how people try to explain what they are. Some call them elastic wristbands, others call them stretchy bands, stretchy bracelets, etc. This reminded me of how Brandon and I first explained them to people when we were sitting at this restaurant here in AZ. A girl came up and asked what the story was with my wristband. I told her about how they were collectible (even though all we had at that point was F&F), and how it was more than just a bracelet, it was a movement. Don’t get me wrong, there was no slick talking here; I stumbled through almost the entire explanation, using the words ‘like’ and ‘you know’ at least 20 times.

That’s the interesting thing about starting something completely from scratch: your brand grows and your story is refined. You meet other people that appreciate what you do and the brand grows because they tell your story better than you could to begin with. More people follow, tell your story and start to make it their own. Twitter is the perfect example of this; the users wrote the rules, incorporating the hashtag and @ symbols to do different things. That’s really the way I see Zox Straps heading as well, and I love it. We’ve evolved so much and I really believe it’s because we let our fans guide us as to what’s next. The VIP and Gold groups are serious treasure troves of amazing ideas just waiting to be chosen and we have a blast going through, talking with fans and making their ideas a reality. Bespoke was based of their ideas, as was the ZOXBOX; both of which sold out almost instantly.

When Zox Straps grows up, I want it to be the type of brand people can’t stop smiling about because they remember the time when they pitched in and created a design, spread the word or even bought one of our first Straps. I think about brands I really admire; I would be flipping out now if I had been there when they started, knowing that I had a part in their success. I mean seriously, how cool is that?

I can also tell you first hand just from the taste I’ve gotten of growth that it’s an absolutely epic feeling to see people digging what you do. To have people you’ve looked up to get behind what your doing and support you. I really feel like our story continues to be written, and it’s only getting better.

I’m gonna start to write in here more often. So much to say, I wonder if it’d be easier to ‘vlog’ as they say lol!


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