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Founder of Oher Foundation for Disadvantaged Youth; Former NFL Player for Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans & Carolina Panthers; Super Bowl 47 Champion; Story Told in Movie "The Blind Side"

Michael Oher, Founder of the Oher Foundation, is dedicating his life to making a difference in the lives of kids who need it most. As someone who has personal experience with facing the adversities created by the seemingly unescapable cycles of poverty and homelessness, Oher is choosing to take a stand for the disadvantaged youth who are so often overlooked and forgotten.

The Oher Foundation believes that underprivileged kids between the ages of 8 and 18 years old will have a higher rate of success in attaining higher education, if they are afforded an opportunity to access the essential resources needed to further their efforts in education outside of the school environment.

There could not be a more qualified individual to take up such a noble cause as Oher himself was able to navigate the hardships of life as a foster kid to earn himself a spot in the NFL. At the forefront of his vision, Oher saw the importance of education. Even as a kid struggling to feed himself on the streets of Memphis, Oher knew the key to his success would be made in his choices to always do what was right. So, with only a single white t-shirt to his name, he set out on a journey paved in perseverance to build a better future.

He would become known to the world from his successes gained through his determination to overcome no matter the odds. That drive would give Oher the opportunity to study at the University of Mississippi “Ole Miss”, where he would become a two-time All-American and winner of the Jacobs Blocking Trophy. Unrelenting in his efforts, he would graduate college to become the first-round draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens in 2009. While playing for the Ravens, he would lead his team to victory in Super Bowl LXVII (47) earning him the title of champion. Now after having spent 8-years in the NFL with other teams like the Tennessee Titans and the Carolina Panthers, Oher is more active than ever.

His incredible story of escaping the cycle of poverty and homelessness to find success through football and beyond is chronicled in the New York Times best-selling book, "I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, To The Blind Side, and Beyond". However, the most admirable aspect about Oher’s story is that his work through the Oher Foundation is helping inspire stories just like his in the lives of youth all across America.

Speech Topics

Overcoming Adversity – “You Make the Difference”

A look into obstacles disadvantaged youth face and the ways communities and organizations can help kids overcome them.

Perseverance – “Persevering Against All Odds”

Motivate your team, company, or organization by hearing the personal story of how Michael persevered against all odds in his own life.

Motivation – “Building a Better Future”

Hear Michael share the lessons he learned in his own life, and how kids and students can apply those to their lives in order to build a better future for themselves.

Mental Health -- "A Mind to Overcome"

An exploration of mental health and its role in shaping the future and lives of disadvantaged youth.

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