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Quasimoto (Madlib)  

Hip Hop DJ, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, producer; aka Madlib

Quasimoto is the utterly bizarre alter ego of production wizard/MC Madlib (born Otis Jackson, Jr.), one of the leading underground producers on the West Coast hip-hop scene. Madlib got his start with the Oxnard, CA-based Lootpack, which recorded an acclaimed album, Soundpieces: Da Antidote, for Peanut Butter Wolf's Stones Throw label in 1999. At Peanut Butter Wolf's urging, the initially reluctant Madlib subsequently began to concentrate on his Quasimoto side project, with which he'd been experimenting since 1996. Quasimoto's music had a decidedly different flavor: free-associative raps sped up during the recording process to sound like their creator had been inhaling helium, backed by liquid-flowing jazz loops and a heavy stoner atmosphere.

Quas is known for the raised pitch of his voice as if he was inhaling helium. Another notable characteristic is Quas inter-changing with Madlib's voice. One day in the studio, Madlib decided to rap to his own beats. He didn't like the sound of his voice (his friends in Oxnard call him 'Barry White' in reference to his deep voice) so he decided to slow his recorder down, rap slow, then speed the recording back up to produce Quasimoto's distinctive high pitched voice.

Madlib released his first Quasimoto album The Unseen in 2000. This album received much praise from underground and mainstream media. After the release of "The Unseen", Madlib spent the next few years working on radically different projects such as "Yesterdays New Quintet" and his album Shades of Blue.

Quas re-emerged in 2003, making guest appearances, notably on Jaylib's Champion Sound and Madvillain's, a collaboration of Madlib and MF DOOM, Madvillainy. In late 2004, Quasimoto released the vinyl-only Bus Ride EP. He issued The Further Adventures of Lord Quas in 2005. M.E.D. and MF DOOM were featured on the album. The voice of Melvin Van Peebles was sampled on several tracks from both albums.

He has often described himself as a "DJ first, producer second, and MC last.

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