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Christine Handy            

Model, Breast Cancer Survivor & Author of "Walk Beside Me"

Christine Handy is a mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, an international speaker, a print and runway model, a bestselling author, and a nationally recognized humanitarian.

At an early age, Handy had a talent for modeling and could be seen on campaigns for distinguished brands such as Guess, J. Crew, JCPenney, Pepsi, Target, and more. Her lifestyle took a hard turn at 35 when health issues arose and by 41, Handy was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. With the support of her faith, family and friends, referred to as her “team of angels,” Handy won her battle and devoted her life to spreading hope, encouragement, and selflessness. She is the bestselling author of “Walk Beside Me,” a story of her struggle with self-image, devastating health issues, friendship, and trusting in God.

Through these trying times, Handy’s eyes were opened to a new passion in life – sharing her story of hope and helping others. She serves on the board of two non-profit organizations. Her inspirational journey led her to embracing her self-esteem, devotion to God, and the value of friendship.

Speech Topics

Worth From the Inside Out

We live in a world that teaches us to depend on external accolades, external beauty and more than ever, materialism. The world is wrong. Worth and value are an inside job. My story starts with great dependence on outside values. But with grave illness, my story continues with an unstoppable self esteem that has allowed me to teach others why working on your inside beauty is all that matters.


  • How we get sucked into society.
  • How we get out of it
  • How to thrive.

The Cancer Disruptor

A cancer diagnosis does change your life. Yet, it is our reaction that dictates the emotional outcome. Hope is the alive and abundant. With my cancer diagnosis, I decided to get rid of the outcome and show up with courage each day. Then I intentionally chose to thrive instead of just surviving.


  • Despair is a mindset and how to shift away from that focus.
  • How to show courage, lend it and borrow it when you need it.

My Breast Cancer Journey of Hope

My breast cancer journey felt like a death sentence. But when I shifted from being a victim to a vine, my life and story changed. The slide show alone will change your life. To go from such great illness to walking in New York Fashion Week is not a miracle, it is courage, hope and grace.


  • We can all shift our mindset with courage and persistence.
  • We all have the tools to be leaders of hope by being vulnerable with our stories.
  • We can lead by showing up for ourselves and living a life of courage. Building a new home during illness and after.

Faith as the Anchor

Faith is an anchor. So is materialism, addiction, depression, anger and on and on. It is about choosing faith over fleeting false idols. If it can be taken away, it is not an anchor. For me, my dependence on beauty was stripped away during my cancer diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy. The dependence on the false idols I placed ahead of my faith led me to quick sand. The world will disappoint but God won't.


  • Giving yourself the grace to see the idols in your life and how to shift that to depend on faith.
  • How to work on your inside-worth to eliminate the dependency on cultural idols.
  • Making faith as a focus for a more peaceful life.

Speech Topics

  • Resilience
  • Self Esteem
  • Breast Cancer (Cancer-related topics)
  • Medical Malfeasance
  • Women's Issues
  • Friendships
  • Bullying
  • Faith
  • Finding Purpose in Our Pain
  • Her book Walk Beside Me


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