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Tyler Farnham    

Author & Sky-Diving Survivor

Tyler was born and raised in Cocoa Beach Florida and is a lifelong surfer.

His journey began as a lifeguard captain whilst studying to become an EMT/Firefighter, sprinkle in a Billabong model girlfriend, regular surfing combined with a passion for skydiving and it's fair to say life was looking good.

Wind in his sails he felt life could get no better, he was right. Then life decided to give him a savage U turn.

Easter Sunday of 2009 Farnham took his mom skydiving for her very first time.

No one could have predicted how that day would turn out: A parachute malfunction, high speed collision back to earth, and a medically induced coma. Five days after the coma Farnham woke up on his 26th birthday with a new grim reality.

The compound fracture was so severe his right leg was nearly amputated, he snapped his femur, broke his upper and lower right arm, shattered both his condyles, fractured his mandible, broke nine teeth that had to be extracted, and fractured his skull. His body was completely destroyed.

His spirit however refused to be crushed.

Once being told his life may never get back to where it was, Farnham took action. Whilst sitting in a wheelchair with his mouth wired shut he began journaling about each day in rehab, (writing with his off hand due to injuries).

After clearing the fog of a physically and emotionally strenuous rehab, Farnham fell victim to Oxycontin dependency just as the love of his life decided to leave him.

Yet again, something inside refused to let him self destruct and after 11 months of physical rehabilitation, Farnham did the impossible- he started surfing again, regained his position as a ocean rescue captain saving lives and shockingly to some, started skydiving again.

His efforts as a captain saw him awarded a lifesaving valor award as well as lifeguard of the year.

In 2012 Farnham began training to be the best lifeguard he could be with the vision of international shores on his mind and the opportunity to continue his love of lifeguarding and surfing.

11 years have passed since Farnham left Florida and he has since traveled the world doing what he loves, surf coaching, lifeguarding and his newfound passion of speaking.

He speaks on topics such as overcoming adversity, leadership and getting out of the comfort zone.

Farnham is a published author, with two titles to date and is currently in a managerial role at the internationally renowned Nihi Sumba resort.

Speech Topics

Becoming a Leader

Lifeguard… Saving lives and taking on new Leadership responsibilities. At the age of 24 Tyler became a full time Ocean lifeguard. He quickly worked his way up the ranks and became a Captain in his second season. Then faced with a full staff of lifeguards, Tyler had to learn how to take charge and follow the path of becoming a leader. Saving lives from nine to five led to numerous challenges, lessons, wins along with failures.

Tyler would accept the biggest challenge to date in 2020 of leading a team of Indonesian watermen at Nihi Resort on the island of Sumba, voted best hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure two years straight. Leading by example would be key for success.

Pursue your Dreams

Bonus Life… After a couple years of being back to lifeguarding, Tyler wanted more. What else could he accomplish with his new “bonus life”? Using an old math notebook, Tyler made a list…one that would forever change his life. He wrote down all the countries he wanted to visit, work and live. How to fund the travels, languages to learn, necessary visas etc. With a lot of planning and long term goals he wrote everything down.

Training for Australia… With consistency and motivation, it was time to make his dreams a reality. Tyler was given the opportunity to go overseas and work as a lifeguard on the beaches of Western Australia. Although, he would have to pass all the physical requirements. Not only that, he would have to resign from his full time Job as an Ocean Rescue Captain in Cocoa Beach Florida. He would have to push everyday, and never give up.

Journals from Cloud 9 takes you through his travels. From Lifeguarding on the sharky West Coast of Australia, Helicopter rides, close encounters, daily beach closures, wild motorbike surf trips in the Jungles of Indonesia to meeting some of the most influential people that kept Tyler on the path that led him to working and living in several countries doing what he loves, Lifeguarding and surf coaching...also becoming a surrogate father.

Overcoming Adversity

Skydiving Accident … On April 11th of 2009 Tyler's life was turned upside down during what was meant to be a routine skydive with his mom there to join. Lucky to be alive, Tyler woke up on his 26th birthday April 16 and learned of his injuries and what lay ahead, a long road to recovery. This is when his spirit kept him alive, with the strong support from friends, family and his community. Fighting off depression and staying positive were his biggest daily challenges in those following months.

Recovery … With months of relearning basic skills to function in daily life, Tyler began Journaling about his recovery and daily achievements to follow his progress and stay focused. This was his way to envision the future. Tyler would collaborate with the doctors regarding his limitations and outlook for his future. When there is no light at the end of the tunnel, you must have hope.

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