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Mark Mathis    

President of Clear Energy Alliance

Mark Mathis is an energy analyst and president of Clear Energy Alliance. In addition to speaking and consulting, Mark produces short videos for CEA, which challenge false energy claims and premises in a fun, interesting and shareable format. Mark has written, produced and directed two documentary films on energy. Fractured (2016) exposed how language is used to dangerously deceive us about the most essential component to the function of the modern world—energy. spOILed (2011) examined the public’s ignorance of the central role oil plays in our lives. spOILedwas shown theatrically in dozens of cities across the United States and Mark conducted Q&A sessions with audiences at the conclusion of more than 180 shows.

In addition to producing films and videos on controversial and misunderstood energy issues, Mark Mathis advises energy producers and others on developing more effective public communication. Mark wrote the definitive rules-based book on how to understand and work with the news media. Feeding the Media Beast (Purdue University Press, 2002) has sold many thousands of copies in the United States, China, Russia, India and Korea.

Mark is not your typical conference speaker. He brings the same kind of contrarian thinking and incisive analysis that you see in his films to every live event. His unconventional, entertaining, yet highly-informative presentations have made him a favorite, especially in the energy sector. Mark has been a keynote speaker for dozens of organizations over the past 20 years, including the National Football League, Saudi Arabia’s International Speaker Program, the Assistance League, the American Association of Anthropology, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, as well as state oil & gas organizations (CIPA, COGA, COPAS, EKOGA, IPANM, KIOGA, LAGCOE, MPA, NADOA, NMOGA, OOGA, PBLA, Shale Insight, UAPL, WEA, WSPA) and others. Many of the organizations that have invited Mark to speak at their conferences have invited him back in succeeding years.

Speech Topics

It’s Got To Be On A Screen!

How can we reach a miseducated public on important, complicated issues such as energy? You can’t. Unless, that is, you utilize the dominant medium of the modern age. The human attention span continues to shrink as people spend more of their time consuming information through their smart phones, tablets, computers and TV screens. Explaining complicated issues through text alone is no longer effective. And yet, the oil and natural gas industry has been slow to use video as a tool to educate the public. Clear Energy Alliance President Mark Mathis is leading the charge with short, provocative animated videos on important energy issues.

The 100 Percent Renewable Energy Delusion

Every day it seems a new city, state or corporation is proclaiming it will become “100 percent renewable” by some future date not so far away. Is this possible? Of course not. Nevertheless, the delusion of becoming “fossil free” continues to gain widespread acceptance. Mark Mathis details the driving forces behind the deception and explains why attempting to achieve this fossil free nirvana will bankrupt the nation and endanger the lives of millions of people.

Energy’s Language Problem

One of the biggest reasons people are so deceived about energy and the environment is the language we use when talking about these subjects is terribly flawed. Words and phrases such as “energy,” “fossil fuels,” “fracking,” “addicted to oil,” “alternative energy,” “environmentalist,” “green,” “mother nature,” “deniers” and many other terms are misleading or outright false. Mark Mathis explains why this deceptive language is used by politicians, the news media and activist groups and what to do about it.

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