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Founder, Breadwinning Women of the World; Former Director, Global Partnerships at Google; Host of "Working Wife, Happy Life!" Podcast

Bethanie began her career in the photo industry before joining Google in 2004. Throughout her 16 year career at Google she has spent 12 hour days reviewing ads, sold the first campaigns on YouTube, created, launched and (sometimes) sunsetted products, negotiated billions of dollars in first-of-their-kind deals and now oversees New Business Development, Revenue Management and Analytical Insights.

Bethanie is a tireless women’s advocate and recognized leader on the topic of breadwinning women. She founded the Breadwinning Women’s community at Google which has grown to almost 2000 women globally in less than a year. Bethanie is the host of the podcast, Working Wife, Happy Life! launched in early 2020. She has been featured on CNBC, Refinery 29, Medium, Know Your Value “Women in the News”, Said Business School at Oxford University, Chief Mom Officer and on podcasts such as So Money with Farnoosh Torabi and the Ellevate Network. She was an official speaker at the Women’s March NYC 2020 and hosts many Talks At Google events for the Google sponsored YouTube channel on topics focused on furthering women in various industries including the film Equity, the film Egg, the documentary She Started It and the books The Myth of the Nice Girl and Fair Play.

Bethanie holds a BA in Human Services from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She has attended several global leadership conferences for women including Women Transforming Leadership at Said Business School at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and the Women’s Director Development Program at Kellogg. She also enjoys world travel, made easier by her fluency in Spanish thanks to her two fun-filled “gap” years in Alicante, Spain.

Bethanie lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY.


Know Your Value's weekly roundup of women in the news.
Bethanie Baynes, director of Global Partnerships and founder of Breadwinning Women at Google, implored industry leaders to help close the gender pay gap once and for all, starting in 2020. She pointed to statistics, including mothers receiving a 10 percent pay penalty per child, for example, while men receive a 6 percent fatherhood bonus. Women’s earnings peak at age 44, while men’s earnings peak at age 55. However, women make up half of the breadwinners in American homes.
This workplace bias is hurting women’s earning potential—let’s change that this year
I’m just like you. I get up each morning, kiss the kids goodbye and head to the office. I spend my days shuffling between meetings, doling out opinions and action items, hoping my next project/deal/strategy will be the one to get me that promotion to help with the kids’ education fund. I respond to texts from home throughout the day: “Can you pick up coffee on your way home? When will you be home tonight (read: when can the rest of us eat dinner)?”
Episode 136: Breadwinning Women, with Bethanie Baynes
After a start in the photography industry, Bethanie Baynes, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Google, realized she wanted to be in the fast-paced tech world, making her way to the executive level at Google. On this episode, she talks about ageism at work, the pressure of being an ideal mother, and how her experiences inspired her to use her platform to uplift other women. Bethanie also shares how masculinity and femininity are defined in a capitalist society, gender roles and dynamics within her own relationship, and the perils of “momsplaining.”
So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
“One of the pieces of these conversations that’s so critical for us to give voice to is just saying the term breadwinner, saying the term stay-at-home dad, sole breadwinner, primary parent. My husband says he’s retired. It took us a while to figure out what’s the right language and verbiage was to describe our family.” – Bethanie Baynes Bethanie Baynes is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Google and has been with the company for 15 years. She’s worked to overcome gender bias in tech and is a strong female advocate. She’s also a breadwinning woman and has, what she calls, a Flip Family. When her husband was laid off, it felt natural for him to become a stay-at-home dad. They soon realized that many of their friends and family saw it differently. In her efforts to create a community for fellow female breadwinners, Bethanie founded the Breadwinning Women at Google.
Breadwinning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women – Bethanie Baynes
Welcome to another edition of the award-nominated breadwinning, six figure, millionaire women series. Today I’m honored to bring you the story of Bethanie Baynes – she started her career the pre-digital photo industry, and today has risen the ranks to become an executive at Google.
How Google’s Bethanie Baynes overcame gender bias in the tech industry
Have you ever wondered how to make it as a woman in the tech industry? We asked Oxford Saïd alum and Google executive Bethanie Baynes about her experiences, what she thinks makes a good leader, and what businesses should be doing to encourage more women to reach for high-level roles.
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You Know What Dads Don't Need This Father's Day? Momsplaining
It’s late July, and my husband, Michael, is the only dad in a sea of mothers hanging out on the sidelines of a skate park waiting for our 11-year-old son to finish up camp. Kids are rolling to and fro in every direction, dressed head to toe in protective gear. All of a sudden there’s a crack and then a howl, coming from our son, who just wiped out while dropping into the bowl. Despite all his padding, he’s cracked his knee pretty badly, and as Michael runs to his side, the crowd of mothers starts with rapid-fire advice for how to care for a swollen kneecap.
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