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Justin Thorstad      

Transformational Coach, Founder of JT Seminars & Owner of Libertas Real Estate

Justin Thorstad is a transformational coach, public speaker who founded JT Seminars and the founder/owner of Libertas Real Estate, which has grown to include 160 agents and three locations in the five short years since its inception. Unique to Libertas Real Estate is the leadership coaching element provided to agents. Thorstad serves as head coach at Libertas and conducts two-day workshops hosted by JT Seminars.

Though incorporating these techniques into his training at Libertas Real Estate since its onset, Thorstad officially launched his speaking company, JT Seminars, in early 2021 in order to reach a wider audience. An organization designed to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential in life and business, JT Seminars, as well as Libertas Real Estate, serves Thorstad’s mission to empower others to experience a life of liberty.

A self-made success, Thorstad came from humble beginnings. Raised in a small rural town in Southern Oregon, he became an avid student of personal development in an effort to escape childhood traumas. He specifically sought to obtain the mental mindset and fortitude it takes to create inner peace, external success and anything else one desires. He credits a great deal of self-education through reading, attending seminars and masterminds for helping him achieve these things for himself.

His goal was to elevate his self-awareness and reprogram ineffective self-imposed limitations, which he says grants an inner freedom that can truly liberate one from old limiting thought patterns. This mindset served as the impetus for naming his company “Libertas” Real Estate, meaning liberty, and eventually led him to share his transformation journey to help others experience their own version of their best selves.

Ultimately, Thorstad aims to not only break the mold of entrepreneurship and the real estate industry, but also humanity. He believes that a shift of the collective consciousness can help people “awaken” in order to become brighter versions of themselves by creating a sustainable state of joy, love, peace and abundance. In his spare time, Thorstad continues his education on his mindset through study. He also loves spending time with his children and his friends.

Speech Topics

The World’s Greatest Success Formula

How to produce bigger and better results in your reality through transformation of one’s personality.

The Victim vs. Responsible Paradigm

How to transcend internal pain and suffering to create desired results in all areas of life. (1-hour)

Mindset Shift

Take your sales production to extraordinary levels! This system has proven results with students in creating your desired reality. (90 minutes)

Shift from Spectator to Conscious Creator: 4 steps to the life of your dreams!

This 2-day workshop or abridged lecture version, takes people through a comprehensive and pragmatic proven process to transform into the highest and best version imaginable. This is the nuts and bolts of “What & How” of self-development.

Success By Design – Awaken to your true potential in life and business

This 2-day workshop or abridged version, is a full immersion of the inner workings of your mind with practical applications to elevate all results in life and business!

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