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Max Keiser        

Host of the Orange Pill Podcast, Inventor of Virtual Currencies & Prediction Markets

Max Keiser is "The High Priest of Bitcoin" according to Michael Saylor (CEO of MicroStrategy).

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele recently tweeted, "Thanks Max Keiser for the idea of [Bitcoin collateralized] Volcano Bonds"

Keiser has been on a mission since 2011 when Bitcoin was $1, to Orange Pill the world and usher in the new global Bitcoin standard of unconfiscatable, uncensorable Bitcoin. It's working. Countries, companies, and individuals are now mining and hoarding Bitcoin to escape the despair of fiat money inflation and the impracticality of Gold as a store of value.

It all started for Keiser in 1996 when he was awarded a US Patent for his Virtual Specialist invention covering Virtual Currencies, Virtual Securities and Virtual Market-Making and the first commercial Prediction Market, the Hollywood Stock Exchange; ideas that first germinated in his imagination when he started his career on Wall St. in the early 1980's and began to see how money and computers were interacting in strange and wonderful ways.

Thanks to the incredible global reach of The Associated Press, who has produced and distributed Keiser's various TV shows around the world for more than 15 years, he's had the chance to reach hundreds of millions with his message of Bitcoin freedom and liberation.

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